I'd Rather Be An Optimist If That's Okay With You
I thought I’d let you know how I did today before I go for good…

I got an onstage individual award while doing our pointe piece today… That felt absolutely incredible..

asdgfghjkl is all I have to say.

I also enjoy sitting in the audience to watch the awards be given out… I never would have expected this…

The duet that Shea and I wrote the poem for got High Gold, Most Outstanding, Highest Lyrical/Ballet Solo/Duet Mark Award, we made the adjudicator cry… and then we cried standing on stage.

After that whole freak out… The competition organizer was talking about the biggest crowd pleaser scholarship… (This is a group award decided by both the Jazz/Ballet/Lyrical/Contemporary adjudicator and the Tap/HipHop/Musical Theatre adjudicator)… She started talking about how the award has never been given to an individual before but how the adjudicators thought it seemed fit…

… I got the Biggest Crowd Pleaser Scholarship… As an individual… THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED!!

I am going to die of happiness.. This is the first competition of the season.

Just… Wow.

I'm going to miss you and your lovely face on tumblr, like, alot. Please if you want don't be afraid to message/text me ever!!! Seriously, we need to get together very soon.

I can text you?? SINCE WHEN?! I would like your number stat! Lol. 

And yes very soon :)

Love you hun <3

Stay is touch? :) I have loved your blog, but I do agree with you. It's hard to hear about all the pain... =/

Of course silly goose :)

Thank you for your understanding <3 

Ima gonna miss your blog. You are an inspiration to people, including me. You are an amazing person and dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Please dont change who you are, cause the world would be darker then. Dance on Mary, dance on.

I appreciate what you have to say. It means alot to me.

Thank you for the support.

Your kindness is outstanding.


Even though we hardly ever talked on here, I loved your blog and seeing what was happening in your life. I love that you're a dancer, and a really good tapper too ;) you'll be missed by me, Mary. I hope everything goes well for you. Love, Jenianne

Oh geez, I’ll miss you too *hug* your blog always makes me smile… I’ll have to check in with you from time to time when I’m feeling down :) Your positivity astounds me. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Disney for life ;) <3

Love, Mary

dancinginger said: i cant write in your ask but why do you want to?

There are some things that you just don’t want to know (or read) from people that mean a lot to you… Sometimes it’s better to be oblivious to it.

It’s easier that way.

… It’s just a personal decision that I’ve decided to make. 

Hey guys, I’ll be deleting my blog tomorrow night.

If you want to stay in touch leave me an ask.

If not, then ignore this.

Love you all <3

Listen up! All you kids out there who have ever felt like shit, ever felt worthless or abandoned or alone, you listen to me right now. Keep that fucking chin up, keep that fucking guard up, protect yourself, and you swing as hard as you fucking can at this life. They are going to try and take the things you love, your dreams, your hopes, your entire life from you, but they CAN NOT TAKE your fucking will to survive. And as long as you know they can’t beat you, they can’t hurt you or keep you down, you will always be the one who comes out on top, and you will be happy. And that is the most important thing you will ever have. They CAN’T beat us, because WE WON’T LET THEM.
Tim McIlrath  (via queen-of-contradiction)
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This Could Be Anywhere // Alexisonfire

I think I’m going to sleep now… 

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